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Jun 29,2022
hard to put together and sync to his phone but the best purchase. He loves it and it works just like my more expensive apple watch. does the same. It was difficult to get the bands on but after he figured it out it was cool. Not as heavy as the apple, but from far away who could tell the difference.
Sarita Loves Living
Jun 26,2022
There are numerous issues with this watch. The JYouPro Fitness Smart Watch App constantly crashes and does not load. The app says you can sync your Google fitness account with it, but I do not see any information from Google fit on the app or the watch. Some basic features are missing like setting a timer. The alarm doesnt work properly. There is no option to set an alarm for am or pm. The heart beat monitor is fairly accurate but the sleep and footstep monitor are not accurate for me. On the app's menu there is a typo, wallpaper is misspelled as "walaper". The screen on the watch itself turns off too fast and there isn't an option to let it stay on any longer than 15 seconds. Sometimes it takes 2 clicks to turn the watch screen on. I cannot make calls from the watch despite the number pad working. The phone icon does not work. Overall the watch is underwhelming. You could get a digital watch with more features for less money.
Rosemary D.
Jun 10,2022
UPDATE 6/22/22: After I submitted the review below the seller reached out and replaced the entire watch. Now I can wear it and have decided it's worth the 4 stars I've given it. It's difficult to find an inexpensive smart watch that actually functions as intended. Out of three I've had this one works the best. Not all functions work but some of that may be due to how sensors on these watches work. If there isn't enough skin contact or if the contact isn't in exactly the right place the measurements may not work or may not be accurate. As I said, this one has worked the best out of three inexpensive brands.It wouldn't get the weather when I tried that function. I'm not sure if it's because my phone doesn't have the right app that the watch can connect to for weather. I didn't get the watch for that purpose though so it doesn't really matter to me.The main features I wanted to work were the BP, heart rate, O2 sensor, steps and message and call notifications. So far all of these features appear to be working but I didn't compare the readings to independent sources. The numbers look right. I'm not sure if the steps are being counted accurately - I take it off and forget to put it back on so many times a day that it can't be very accurate just because of user "error."I really like that when tied to my smartphone this watch notifies me of alarms. I use alarms quite a bit as reminders so to have this watch go off when I don't have my phone on me is very useful. It even plays the same alarm tone.The watch has notified me of incoming messages and phone calls. I haven't fully used these features but I know that notifications for messages and calls are working.Overall I'd say this watch is worth a try for the price. Your mileage may vary. It has worked best for me compared to others in this price range.Original review:As I was trying to attach the watch band to the watch the mechanism on the tiny pin broke off. Now I can't put the band on at all. The manufacturer should have sold the watch with the band already attached - then this wouldn't have been a problem.I was able to attach one side of the band but the second side will not go on now.I don't know how well this watch works because I can't wear it.
Mike B.
Jun 16,2022
Update:I liked this watch enough that I replaced it after dropping it and breaking the crystal. While I've been careful with it, I've worn it almost continuously for about a month without any problem. It's still comfortable, and performing great. When I have it fully integrated with my phone, the bluetooth has the annoying habit of randomly "stealing" bluetooth signal from my portable bluetooth speakers, transferring the music to the watch. You can easily disable this by tapping a little connect/disconnect button on the settings screen, so it's a pretty minor problem.Original Review:I had and really liked a very similar watch to this from a different seller that died after brief contact with water, so I was hoping for better luck with this one. Even though it's advertised as IP67 waterproof (as was my last one), I decided to keep this watch as dry as possible.I will say that this watch is very comfortable. I had not worn watches in years, and I'm pleasantly surprised to find that these lightweight smart watches are almost like wearing nothing at all. For some reason, the rubber watch band never feels hot or uncomfortable at all. They are, however, awkward to put on and buckle. The rubber is soft and a bit elusive, so sometimes it takes a few tries to get it through the buckle and latched. More on this later.There are a ton of features on this watch. I can use it to keep track of texts and Facebook messages in real time, so I can tell at a glance if something needs my attention. I'm up in years and just a few months out of COVID, so I also use it to periodically check blood pressure, blood oxygen, heart rate, and temperature. I use it to track sleep and to remind me to get out of my work chair and move around now and then. There is even a cool little calculator built in.If course, I also enjoy having a simple analog watch to glance at when I want to know what time it is. That brings up the issue of available watch faces. I would like a nice, clean analog face with the option to add a couple of data readouts, like steps and ambient temperature, or something like that. Not a huge issue if you take into account how relatively it easy it is to get to the data, but it would be cool. You can actually build a custom digital face, using a photo from your gallery, but not an analogue one. Most of the faces they offer through the app are pretty childish, other than a handful of very plain (no data) analog ones.The nicely-printed user manual for this watch is like an encyclopedia, mostly because of all the things the watch can do. The booklet is not perfect, but it's quite a bit more well-written and understandable than many others I've seen, which is a big plus to me.I initially had a problem finding specific functions by swiping around the watch face, but I feel like that is more a measure of me getting used to the interface than a failing of the watch. There are several menu styles to choose from, like a "Smart Style" that is basically incomprehensible, but I did start getting used to the relatively easy to follow "List Style."Now the bad news: this really nice little watch lasted less than 36 hours.I took it off for a while, ironically to make sure it would not get wet, and in the process of putting it back on, the rubbery end of the watch band sprung back and popped back out of the buckle, so that the watch fell about three feet to pavement. The watch crystal, which protrudes up and away from the watch body, took the full brunt of the fall, and it cracked from corner to corner. The watch still runs and works to tell the time, but the crack makes the touch screen, in addition to being sharp to the touch, totally hit-or-miss for selecting functions.I would love to give this watch four or five stars for features and comfort, and take full blame for breaking it, but I really can't. That protruding crystal is attractive, but quite fragile. So if you are very careful with it, and have a little bit of good luck, I think you would really enjoy this watch. Otherwise, you might think twice.
Diogenes Monsanto
Jun 30,2022
The Hongmed Smart Watch, charging cable and multi-language instruction manual.Pros:The Hongmed Smart Watch is a IP67 waterproof watch. The smart watch came with the bands disassembled in the box. But it was easy to attach the bands to the watch.Beside the step count, you can get readings for the heartbeat, hours of sleep, exercise burnt calories, blood pressure (although not accurate compared to an actual blood pressure devise reading), blood oxygen, different type of sport measurements (Walking, Running, cycling, tennis and so on) and breath measurements. You also get the weather for the day and week, text messages alerts, turn on your camera to take a picture and turn on your music app. There is also a stopwatch and countdown from 1 minute to 2 hours. You can setup up to five different alarms for the week as well.One cool feature about this smart watch, is that you can answer calls and talk right into the watch and have a conversation. The other cool feature is turning on the music app on your phone and actually listening to the music from the smart watch itself.Downloading the app on your phone was simple by scanning the QR code on the manual. I had trouble setting up the app on a Motorola 5G phone to fully sync to the app. But had no issues on a LG and Samsung phone on first try. I tried for the fourth time on the Motorola to install the app and sync to the smart watch after clicking the reset button on the smart watch and that worked. It automatically setup the time and changing the measurement units and profile was very easy. I was also able to change the face of the watch with ease as well.What I like of the sport watch is the big screen at 1.69” and being able to choose a picture from my album for the watch face. There is not that much option other than putting the steps and date together with the time when you go this route, which fine with me. You can set up the sport watch to notify you when to drink water and move around when stationary for too long and at what time intervals for each. It is also very good and rugate looking sport watch for men or women.The step count, sleeping hours and heart rate are very accurate as far as I can tell after using the sport watch for a week.The manual comes in multiple languages and is very easy to follow the instructions.Cons:Had Trouble setting up the phone app to the smart watch and needed to click on reset on the smart watch for it fully sync to the app which is not mentioned on the manual. The blood pressure is not accurate when compared to an actual blood pressure devise. I have to keep turning on the Bluetooth icon on the smart watch as it turns off more than one a day. The two belt straps do not have a locking tongue to lock into the belt holes and you need to adjust it constantly though out the day. Other than that, the smart watch has great features you get with the Hongmed Smart Watch.
Jun 15,2022
I ordered this smart watch for my husband who has an Android phone. I didn't have any issues pairing this watch to his phone. He's a pretty simple guy and doesn't use a lot of the smartwatch features. (He would often turn his Bluetooth off with his last one because he didn't like being bothered with notifications. It drove me crazy.) He decided to try this one because I had just ordered a similar watch for myself and he liked the music feature, as well as the phone feature (answer and make calls). I set it all up for him. The JYouPro app was easy to download and setup.Here is our review of the various features of this watch:Band - For some reason, the watch arrived with the band separate, so I had to attach it. It's easy to figure out, but tedious and kind of a pain. It should have come with the band already attached.Battery life - So far, it seems to last about a week or slightly less. It does charge fast, like in a couple of hours.Settings - Everything is customizable, you can set which notifications you want to receive on your watch, "Do not disturb" times, alarms, reminders, watch faces and many more. Most settings can be done on both the app and the watch.Phone - This is a new feature for me, as my other smart watches did not have a call/answer function. You can upload frequent contacts in the app and the shortcuts will show up on your watch. You can call out or answer calls with the watch and the sound is very clear on both sides. This feature is nice when my phone is not nearby and I'm receiving a call.Music - This is also a new feature for me, which I wasn't sure if I would use. However, it's kind of neat to just be able to press play on my watch and my music from my phone will start playing from my last played list. The sound is pretty good, although not as good as using earbuds or a Bluetooth speaker of course. It could be nice to listen to when lying in the pool on a raft perhaps or listening to music at work.Sleep -He likes to track his hours of sleep as well as quality. The app breaks it down into deep sleep, light sleep, and time awake. He feels like the assessment is accurate.Steps - He doesn't rely on steps for tracking fitness, as they probably aren't perfectly accurate. However, I feel this watch tracks them just as well as any other.Heartrate - Heartrate is accurate and the primary method of tracking calories burned when in exercise/sports modes.Camera - this is a cool function, where you can set up your phone for a photo/selfie (similar to the self-timer concept) and when you're ready for the phone camera to snap the photo, you just press the button/feature on your watch. Pressing "camera" on your watch will open your phone camera, then you can press it again to take the photo. NOTE: My husband has his phone locked and has to type in a code. So, if this is the case, the watch will not open the camera app on the phone, but it will take a phone once the app is opened.Exercise - The watch can track calories burned while performing different types of exercise. This watch does not have GPS, so actual mileage or mph cannot be calculated during cycling. Walking and running however, do track distance (I assume by counting the steps). The sports modes listed in the watch are walk, run, cycle, basketball, football, badminton, rope skipping, ping pong, tennis, baseball and yoga.Overall, I am happy with the features of this watch. It does a lot for the price.
Aleksei P.
Jun 19,2022
1. Blood pressure measurement is inaccurate. Compared with regular tonometer measurement2. Thempersture measurement inaccurate3. Screen brightness low
Jun 27,2022
I like the many dial faces to select, accurate time and various options for health. One thing I wasn't pleased with is the fact the dial is difficult to see in daylight when on the outside.I found the manufacure was very eagar to correct any problem I might have. His communication was prompt and very helpful! Overall I find the watch is very good and i would reccommend it. The price is good too!
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