pu tong 2
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Nov 07,2022
youtu de
Nov 03,2022
Update:I liked this watch enough that I replaced it after dropping it and breaking the crystal. While I've been careful with it, I've worn it almost continuously for about a month without any problem. It's still comfortable, and performing great. When I have it fully integrated with my phone, the bluetooth has the annoying habit of randomly "stealing" bluetooth signal from my portable bluetooth speakers, transferring the music to the watch. You can easily disable this by tapping a little connect/disconnect button on the settings screen, so it's a pretty minor problem.Original Review:I had and really liked a very similar watch to this from a different seller that died after brief contact with water, so I was hoping for better luck with this one. Even though it's advertised as IP67 waterproof (as was my last one), I decided to keep this watch as dry as possible.I will say that this watch is very comfortable. I had not worn watches in years, and I'm pleasantly surprised to find that these lightweight smart watches are almost like wearing nothing at all. For some reason, the rubber watch band never feels hot or uncomfortable at all. They are, however, awkward to put on and buckle
Nov 02,2022
Nov 02,2022
Nov 01,2022
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